Rebecca Blaine Carton and Kira McCarthy explore our cultural fixation with technology in this playful new sketch series. As we become more digitally connected, our link to reality and to each other often short circuits. Follow Kira and Becca down the rabbit hole of technology and meet the whacky device addicts in their virtual playground! 


Becca and Kira met one glorious mosquito-filled summer at Williamstown Theater Festival in the Berkshires as acting apprentices. They have slightly different first impressions of each other:




Kira: Becca and I were assigned to an overnight stage crew team together. Some dude in a hard hat told us to drag 100 bags of sand into the theater for a new musical that was set on a beach. Cool in theory, not cool for the minions hauling 20 tons of sand. I think Becca carried in 2.5 bags of sand off the truck and then took a break. I found her smoking a cigarette on the back deck. Where hard labor was concerned, I found her to be a litte lazy, but her general awesome factor was high. Later we bonded over a fluffer nutter sandwich at 3am in the mess hall. We've been bros ever since.




Rebecca: She said what?! Well Kira lies sometimes... it's something she's working on. Anyway, the first time Kira and I met was on a bus on our way to be apprentices at Williamstown Theatre Festival in the Summer of 2007. Freshly graduated from a liberal arts university in Texas, I was nervous and excited about life on the East Coast. I eyed Kira sitting a few seats ahead of me and thought to myself "she's pretty" "I want her hair" "I think she's Jewish". I found out later that she is not a fellow Jew, I                                                                            forgave her.                                                                     

Becca and Kira are New York based actors.  They began writing their own pieces for fun and soon a common thread emerged. They love bringing bizarre characters and scenarios from page to production, and finally, to you. As Becca once said to Kira after blurting out her sketch idea about a shared economy for sex toys: "I didn't want to be alone in my head with it." Unfortunately, that one didn't make the final cut. :) We hope you enjoy glimpsing life through our LTTL filter. When they are not writing LTTL, they enjoy board games, Belgian beer and the elderly.