What is LTTL?

An anthology of playful videos created by Rebecca Blaine Carton and Kira McCarthy that explore our cultural fixation with technology and social media.

Who are the girls behind the lens?

Becca and Kira are New York based actors. They began writing their own pieces for fun and soon a common thread emerged: bizarre characters, socially relevant comedy.

They met one glorious, mosquito-filled summer at the Williamstown Theater Festival in the Berkshires as acting apprentices. They have slightly different first impressions of each other.

Kira: Becca and I were assigned to an overnight stage crew team together. Some dude in a hardhat told us to haul 83 bags of sand into the theater for a new musical set on a beach. Cool in theory, not so cool for the minions doing the hauling, i.e. us. Sweaty and delirious, I stepped outside for some air and found Becca smoking a cigarette on the back deck. Where hard labor was concerned, I found her to be a little “uncommitted,” but her general awesome factor was high.

Rebecca: She said what?! Well, Kira lies sometimes…it’s something she’s working on. Anyway, the first time Kira and I met was on a bus on the way to Williamstown in the summer of 2007. Freshly graduated from College in Texas, I was nervous and excited to begin my life as a “real actor!” I eyed Kira sitting a few seats ahead of me and thought, “She’s pretty. I want her hair. I think she’s Jewish.” I found out later that she is not a fellow Jew. I forgave her.